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'09 Tacoma Katakana'09 Tacoma Katakana

This is our new ’09 Tacoma production putter in carbon steel. It has our new "Kuro Kaminari" (Black Thunder) finish which helps resist corrosion and will not compromise the awesome feel of carbon steel.

We are in the process of redesigning the Tacoma and other putters for the upcoming 2010 year.

I only made 25 of these 09 Tacoma Katakana Production putters.

This putter has the following specifications:
Weight: 350g
Lie: 71 degrees
Loft: 4 degrees
Angle: 1.5 degrees
Length: Will cut to length

Headcover included

Sold Out

'09 Tacoma Katakana
'09 Tacoma Katakana - Sold Out
Portland FPR
Portland FPR - Sold Out
Tacoma FPR
Tacoma FPR - Sold Out